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September 2011

Just wanted to tell you how great my new fences are and thankyou for your prompt and efficient service in putting them up. They look fantastic! We have had heaps of compliments on them, with people asking who did them and what they are made from. They are impressed to hear that they are made from recycled plastic.

Not only do they look fantastic, but recently they saved my horse from a very serious injury.

He was tied to one of the posts when he pulled back. The post easily took his weight (16’3hh TB Gelding) and held him until the lead rope snapped. He tipped over backwards and landed legs first through the adjacent section of fence. He managed to free his front legs without too much hassle, but his back leg was 2 rungs up on the wire and was hung up a bit. Even with him thrashing about trying to get his leg out, he managed to come out of it with just some skin off.

I have seen a lot of fence injuries and put the lack of injury he suffered down to the quality of the fence. Because of the bit of give in the posts, he was not struggling against extremely taught wire, which would have cut deep into his leg, and was able to free himself without major injury.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is with accident prone horses to know how great these fences are in these circumstances. Thanks again!

Eleisha (Karalee Qld)