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The Post with No Regrets

The Scone Advocate - NSW

Through April and May the word has passed around
That the post by name of plasmars here to stay.
There’ve been samples by the plenty dropped all about the town
At vineyards, farms and studs along the way.
And the interested locals, with a sniff of something new
Mustered at the plasmar billboard when it stopped
They jostled for position there were more than just a few
On the plasmar billboard curious stares were locked

And then without much fanfare a post came into view
And it wasn’t what they thought that it would be
For it looked a lot like hardwood with a greyish blackish hew
And the folk that knew their postscould easily see
Although it was all plastic it was a mighty robust log
The white ants fled in terror just on sight
In tough and arid landscape it would always do the job
This post would hold its own in any fight

And the knockers said it won’t last it’s a recycled plastic post
And won’t the horses eat it just the same
But plasmar will still be standing when they are just a ghost
And the horses won’t touch plasmar that’s its fame
It’s all been tried and tested by the CSIRO
And plasmar’s Aussie made and Aussie owned
So its time to get on fencing no regrets for folks that know
plasmar posts they are the answer, can’t be cloned

A great fence postwith a fabulous recycling story now meeting so many fencing needs. No reason not to try some so just buy some!

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